I get a lot of questions about the Left Coast Van. Everything from how much it cost, to which upgrades I have, if I love it, and how many people it can accommodate.

The Left Coast Van started life as a 2019 Mercedes Sprinter 2500 4×4 Cargo van.

You can read about the launch of the VS30/907 Sprinter chassis at Car and Driver (Dec 2018) and Car and Driver (Dec 2019).

But, the Left Coast Van was up-fitted by Winnebago, and sold to the prior owner as a 2020 Winnebago Revel. In late 2019 the MSRP was around $163,000, but probably sold for around $125,000. In the RV world people rarely pay MSRP – its part of the game.

I acquired the van in December of 2020 with around 8500 miles on the odometer, in virtually stock/original condition.

Today, it hardly resembles the original van. Many Revel owners are surprised to find out it is Revel. Winnebago gets a lot of flak for shoddy workmanship, much of it earned, but they produce a floorplan unlike what others offer, and since I was able to acquire it with no wait, at a fair price, I feel like its a great place to start. In a couple of years we’ll see if I still have the desire to build a van from scratch.

Of course, today the van looks a bit different on the outside, but the inside generally remains as it came from the factory.


  • Roambuilt Safari 2.0 rack customized to fit the Revel
    • 5 ARB IPF Lights
    • 4 Diode side lights
  • CA Tuned Hammerhead bumper
    • Warn Zeon 12S winch
  • Owl Van